Shhh, Secret Games

Did you know that most of our VIP clients enjoy our services so much that they prefer not to tell anyone how good we are? So coveted are we that we inspire such selfishness — what an utterly human compliment!

But every now and then, a client will give us permission to share a personal reason why they love us so… A “testimoanial” of sorts *wink*

This one is from “Big G,” a client of Pinkie‘s who confesses:

I love it when you send messages reporting the tasks you’ve completed on time. I look forward to knowing that you’ve been following my orders to a T. I love it more when your messages are just a bit late — giving me time to consider how else to punish you. I love it most of all that I never know which it will be, dutifully on time or deliciously late, so I have that fan-fucking-tastic anticipation of you and our secret games.

You can keep up with Pinkie and see if she’s being naughty or nice — and the punishments she gets in any case — at her BDSM blog.

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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