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The Peck and Call Girls are today’s modern, virtual courtesans. We supply erotic companionship and satisfy male needs for a trusted female confidant via the telephone, custom erotica, instant messaging chats, emails and other text messages, etc..

We believe that erotic story telling & fantasy sharing are powerful aphrodisiacs.

Delivered orally or whispered in writing, each story, when properly created, is delightfully new. New, even when it’s on the “same old theme.” New, yet even better than the first time because, unlike virgins, you know what you’re lusting after!

peck-&call-girls-courtesans-cherries-and-cremeBecause stories are perpetually new, they are like figurative cherries to be popped, one after the other after the other after the other…

Or maybe the glistening, ripe flesh is to remain full & heavy with its load of sweet & tart juices? Such sweet agony is the holding (or being held) back… Leaving the vinification of your orgasm a way for all to get drunk.

Sharing fantasies (be it in story form or just discussing the details of what makes you hot) increases intimacy and intensifies sexual desires — but it’s not a guarantee of sexual release — or at least release is not always granted quickly.

Because all of this takes great effort, work, and some magic, we don’t think it’s appropriate to give it all away. Like those who came before us, we are well-educated, experienced, independent, sex positive women who prefer to associate with a select group of wealthy, powerful men who provide compensation and luxuries in exchange for our companionship.

General FAQ

  1. What are the Peck and Call Girl rates?
  2. How are fees for services paid?
  3. Not familiar with NiteFlirt?
  4. I cannot read some of the pages/posts at PeckandCallGirls.com - why is that?
  5. How do I become a VIP?
  6. How do I know you have someone who understands my specific fetish or special interest?
  7. What if I just want to talk to someone about my fetish? Do I have to have an erotic call or even talk about sex at all?
  8. How do I obtain an intimate souvenir, such as panties, from my courtesan companion?
  9. Where are all the nude pics?
  10. What is the Complaint/Refund/Problem Policy?
  11. Can I meet my Peck and Call Girl?
  12. What sort of services may I arrange?

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