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I Don’t Always Have Phone Sex…

But when I do, I prefer the Peck & Call girls. Stay sated, my friends. Sent in from Rob, who primarily fancies calls with A Slip Of A Girl but also has dalliances with Klaudia. Thank you, Rob!

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Men Love The Romance Of Love Letters Too

This testimoanial is from “V,” a client of Rose‘s, who adores her love letters: I love it when I am surprised by a “sweet nothing” in my inbox. Unlike other personal messages which might interrupt my day with “When are

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Peck & Call Girls – Phone Sex With Class

We didn’t make this post title up — it’s from the sweetest write-up over at Nude-O-Rama! We just had to share the news and a quick snippet: Call it phone sex for the connoisseur, hearkening back to the days when

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