Real Men Have Real Needs

They say that behind every successful man there is a great woman. While the saying dates back to the 1940s, modern men’s magazines continue to push the connections between a man’s success and his partnerships. With feminism, this notion was often dismissed. That, frankly, was silly. We all become more successful with good partnerships!

Of course, the best partnerships are respectful two-way streets, each partner helping one another to reach for and achieve their goals. However, whether we are single or in happy partnerships, there are times when we must all receive our support, understanding, and assistance from others.

In most cases, we think nothing of this when the help, knowledge, or expertise we seek comes from a source we pay. For example, it is perfectly fine to pay for assistance from medical professionals, career guidance counselors, and financial planners. Yet, when it comes to other vital, and even more intimate services, such as human companionship, healing eroticism, and sexual pleasure there are those who will balk at such transactional arrangments.

Some say payment belittles the connection. Others say that “real men don’t have to pay for it.” Both of these supposed arguments operate off the notion that real sex is something to be earned, not bought. Typically, both of those arguments are also based on the notion of “wooing” a partner. Traditionally, a male suitor will “woo” his intended romantic partner by taking her out to dinner and on dates. During these times, the suitor must make certain to be on time, be polite and respectful, be forthcoming and share honestly, and to listen actively in return — all in pursuit of a real connection. (We like that too!) Or at least the suitor must approach the date with the intention of deciding if this woman is worthy of continuing to seek a connection, i.e.continue to go on more dates.

Generally, the male suitor is expected to pay for these dates. If not in full, then by going dutch. And this is where sex workers and other professionals typically argue that men are, in fact, participating in transactional relationships. For the very act of paying for those date expenses is decidedly the definition of paying for a woman’s time and attention. And what is an engagement ring, a wedding, a marriage, the house with the little white picket fence? Aren’t those too all acts of “paying for it”?

To this, the “real men seek connections” crowds will invariably respond with variations on themes of so-called “real” honor, worth, value, and respect. The root of those arguments lies in the belief that paying for things somehow lessens them; that money is, if not the root of all evil, something which lays deep in the dirt and soils things.

But does it?

In Pragmatic Capitalism: What Every Investor Needs to Know About Money and Finance, Cullen Roche provides what may be the most succinct definition of money:

Money is simply a social construct that allows for the exchange of goods and services.

Money is an agreed-upon and convenient means of trading. But notions of, and language surrounding, money show it is far more complicated than that.

We pay respects, we pay attention, we pay tribute, we pay compliments… There are even clear distinctions of value based solely upon receipt of payment or the lack thereof. For example, being paid is the literal line separating the amateurs from the professionals!  In many ways, being paid money for work, production, creation — whatever we do — is the greatest compliment of all.

The ancient Greeks had a word — a single word — which seemingly gets down to the roots of all of this.

The Greek word for honor, timí, could also mean “price” or “value.” But that’s not all. Far from it. In fact, this one little four-letter word could address everything from virtue, marital fidelity, and reputation to the cost of an item. It also meant gift, offering, or tribute. It even meant the fare charged for a voyage or passage — how perfectly suited to our erotic travels is that?!

(Is it not also delicious that timí was also spelled tīmḗ?! Time is also something that has value and is paid. And we know you love to spend time with your Peck & Call Girls!)

Undeniably, the concepts of money and monetary payment carry with them the ideals of honor and value. So how can consent to make a payment, or, for that matter, consenting to accept one, take any of that away?

The answer is it simply doesn’t.

When all parties involved agree to the same value of a service — including a monetary one, it’s all about honor and respect. And it’s all good.

Whether it’s assistance, coaching, companionship, education, enlightenment, understanding, or pure erotic pleasure, we are honored to be the virtual courtesans you respect enough to pay such tribute to. When real men like you have needs, we are proud to offer the esteemed services you find so worthy.

PS When the ignorant begin that “real men” talk, when they preach about “real connections,” like this woman did, we just have to ask how her definition of “investing in a woman” is any different than how gentlemen invest in us and our time… Feel free to discuss with us on Twitter.

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Focus On The Hypnotic Muse

One of the latest additions to The Peck And Call Girls is the mesmerizing Muse, aka FK Muse.

Muse is something that starts out like gentle rain, comes on like a hurricane. If she wants you, she’ll get you.

She’s an a excellent conversationalist and imaginative hypnotist. Muse enjoys long talks about kink, music, the universe.

FK Muse is a specialist in erotic hypnosis, who continually invests in lectures and equipment for her erotic audios — and she’s a few new offerings for you, if you’re ready to let your mind go…

Revenge of Comic Con– Roleplaying two of my favorite villianesses to ever be in print! In one file I steal your secrets, right out of your brain. In the other I’m the crazy one your mother warned you about.

Pop! There goes your brain. Be brainless for me, a nice little amnesia file and and IQ drop file. Caution these work best if you do intend to call.

Muse is known for her erotic audios — and she also offers custom erotic recordings!

I do custom audios. It’s $50 a recording; no haggling, no 20 minute mark. I may not set a file length. Yes I charge more. Maybe because I’m working on a clock — I promise barring death or sickness the custom audio will be done in 3 days.

Contact her via NiteFlirt to arrange your custom audio from our resident mesmerist!

Interested in something more? Get screened and see if you can be an FK Muse VIP!

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Esoterically Erotic: Courtesans Talk About Sex, Erotica, & Nostalgia With Delta Of Venus

As you may have noticed, the Peck & Call Girl approach to phone sex and digital courtesan companionship is a bit more, well, esoteric than many other providers. Not to knock any of our cohorts, but we specialize in companionship, seduction, tease, eroticism, and GFE (the girlfriend experience) — and we promote ourselves thus, rather than via the more common or overt depictions of sexuality. (Yes, this may lessen the number of potential clients; but then, at just 10 women, we are not exactly able to serve the masses, are we? We, happily, are not the WalMart of phone sex!) With the Valentine’s Day holiday upon us, we thought we would focus more on these sort of esoterically erotic attributes.

It would seem the best, though likely not the easiest, way to discuss this is to talk about the differences between erotica and porn. Most know the elusive definition of pornography — we, supposedly, know it when we see it. ;) However difficult it may actually be to define exactly what porn is, it seems even more difficult to (ahem) put one’s finger on exactly how porn differs from erotica…

The most commonly agreed upon definition of erotica states that “Erotica has high-art aspirations, differentiating it from commercial pornography.” Well, perhaps our views as sex workers make us wrinkle our collective noses at the notion that dollars, or any sort of commerce, cheapens or lessens anything; in fact, art often has a higher price tag! Besides, this forces us to also split hairs over what “high art”, art with a capital A, is… Headaches ensue!

But if porn and erotica are both designed to sexually arouse, what do you suppose makes the difference between the two?

We asked Robert Stewart, proprietor of the the web’s highest quality vintage smut archive, Delta of Venus (Twitter @Delta_ofVenus), for an assist. Like a true gentleman, Robert was willing to lend a hand.

(For clarity purposes, Secondhand Rose is this interview’s inquisitor; other Peck & Call Girls also participate, where noted!)

Robert, please introduce yourself!

I’m a collector of historical artifacts – mainly antique photography, film reels, and periodicals – with a focus on erotica from the 19th century through the 1970s. I share parts of my collection in a bunch of different venues – Twitter, articles, etc – but the main archives are available online at the subscription-based site

DOV’s been published since 2002 I think, and has been a really fun experience. I feel very fortunate that one of my life interests wound up being marketable to some extent! I hand-restore most of the material, which ranges from scanning & Photoshopping the photos to repairing and splicing antique film reels then transferring them to digital.

I collect a lot of other stuff aside from vintage smut (old newsreels, WWI and WWII photography, assorted ephemera, on Twitter at @vintage_gazette) but it’s the erotica that gets the most interest. Can’t imagine why! There’s so much cool stuff out there that I feel is underrepresented though.

For myself, I believe the difference between erotica and porn is a matter of adding other emotions… Or at least evoking them. Certainly romance. Not necessarily in modern sense of romantic love and “happily ever after.” (Who doesn’t adore the idea of one night stands & quickies throughout the ages!) But I mean romantic in terms of a heady sense of excitement, even mysterious, which is more emotional, even more cerebral, than something purely relegated to the genitals. *wink* And romance as a verb “to woo”, the pursuit… Which certainly brings to mind tease (which you did discuss at Slip’s site!) as well as the pleasing thought of someone working for sexual attention, of someone actively seducing ;)

Do you feel romance is part of the appeal of erotica?

Robert: Absolutely, but as you say the word “romance” conveys a pretty broad set of meanings, and I’m not sure even those are always a requirement for ‘erotica’. I think you hit it just right with “it’s a matter of adding or evoking other emotions” and the idea that erotica actively pursues the subject in some way – I really like that latter observation.

To use maybe an unsexy term, good erotica is always putting in work, it’s gathering a momentum beyond just blood flow and pulse rate and dilated pupils. This work could be eliciting a memory for the viewer, or striking their imagination (sexual or otherwise) in just the right way, or launching a train of thought or feeling about beauty or desire or whatever. Plenty of erotica evokes contradictory emotions too – maybe arousal mixed with the unsettling or absurd, and part of the pleasure is holding those feelings together in tension.

A lot of historic erotica was implicitly and even overtly political too. Some of it’s intended mainly as comedy. So yeah – erotica gives you something extra beyond the boner or lubrication, but what that extra might be is pretty varied.

Which is not to say that all “erotica” is pretty, or not graphic. Many parts of human sexuality and emotions, both, can be ugly and/or explicit! In fact, it is often the ugly and explicit which elicit more full stories… Or, at least, a desire to imagine the stories behind the images!

Robert: Totally agree, and that’s something I think we’re losing a bit here in the 21st century. Photoshop, increasingly exact beauty standards, et cetera, put this glossy uniform sheen over everything, but in smoothing out the imperfections and asymmetries we’re losing all those minute “stories” or narratives that the brain otherwise would pick up on. It becomes a shallower experience.

Often — though perhaps not often enough! — we acknowledge that the largest human sex organ is the brain. How does this connect to what’s erotic to you?

Robert: As we’ve touched on, it’s the other part of the equation – the erotica itself is just a key to unlock whatever’s in that brain, and that’s where the richness of the experience comes from.

Klaudia: I find erotic images to be a “starting place” for a story or role play. There are often times where a client sends me a photo, image, link, etc. and I am not initially moved or inspired by it. But once they confess their relationship with the image(s), I can find it! It doesn’t matter how old the image is – it’s that “evoke” thing. But when a personal connection to it (be it a memory, experience, or even how a model or person in the photo reminds them of someone in their personal life, etc.) is recalled, a specific arousing trigger is pulled, and a client shares that with me, BAM! I’m right there too!

What other words, qualities, come to your mind when deciding to label something “erotic” as opposed to “pornographic”?

Robert: I always get asked to make this call, over the years I’ve come to wonder if it’s even helpful to think about it in a binary sense. Doesn’t it seem strange that we only have these two words to describe the massive range of sexually-oriented media through the entire arc of history? There’s also the implied value judgement there, where “porn” is deemed lesser and usually carries some kind of shameful connotation depending on who you’re talking to.

Kimberlee: This has so much to do with the observer. Whatever a maker intends, how the work is defined by the viewer determines whether it’s art or obscenity. I’m a fan of the word “smut.” I think it’s an inclusive term that indicates the content is intended to convey sexual messaging. Whether it’s porn or erotica is judgment. Smut is simply a category. And I like that it’s more tawdry than the other terms!

Robert: But if we’re going to go there, I’d say the distinction between erotica and porn is always in the eye of the beholder. People are going to respond to different material in different ways, and while well-made porn/erotica is maybe more likely to elicit a nuanced response than some throwaway BangBros clip, it’s the personal associations that ultimately do the job.

For example there’s plenty of “erotica” in my collection that at the time – say late 1800s or 1920s – obviously had no higher goal than showing some people fucking. Done on the cheap, not much care for artistry, just for the masturbatory use of its enterprising owners (and you had to be “enterprising” to acquire porn in those days, took some effort!).

But in 2017 we view it through the filter of history and it’s so much more compelling – there might be an air of mystery about it, the exotic, maybe some unintended humor. Or just the knowledge that these people lived quite differently from us yet still had all the same drives, needs, desires. Then those thoughts can trigger a chain reaction and because our brains have started on that track, suddenly we’ll notice quirks of composition or form that have an unintended beauty about them. The years give it a depth that it didn’t have in 1895.

As you deal in vintage and even antique erotica, I thought we should discuss the power of sentiment and nostalgia… It is quite a powerful aphrodisiac in my line ;) Not just the yearning for loves of the past, or one’s youth itself; but for The Past itself. Historical fantasies are quite popular for many reasons, but how do you view our thirst for images from yesteryear?

Robert: Ha, nostalgia is a powerful powerful force! Recent events remind us that an urge to return to an imagined and simplified (and nonexistent?) Golden Age is a sentiment that shapes entire nations, among other things. And so with erotica we do it too, where the Roaring Twenties or the 1960s, etc, are presented as these dynamic or carefree or libertine eras ripe for fantasy. La Belle Epoque – in late 19th century France – literally means The Beautiful Age, and there are pleasurable associations we’ve built up with these time periods over the years. It’s a form of escapism and storytelling.

That being said, with vintage smut there are some more concrete reasons why people look to the past. Body types were more natural, many women had some pubic hair, natural breasts, the list goes on. The sex was usually portrayed not quite so mechanically. I’m extremely biased on this of course, but in my opinion modern porn has failed us in these regards and completely misses on some key components of “what is sexy?”. Obviously I’m in the minority on that because it still gets made and sells, but it does seem to be a universal refrain from Delta Of Venus subscribers – they’re not really being served by whatever this 2017 idea of porn/erotica is, so they go a few decades back for stuff more to their liking.

When you look at your collection in total, what comes to your mind about the depictions of human sexuality and desire in the past?

Robert: As I always say, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

True. Including your brief mention regarding issue of the difficulty folks have had through the years in finding adult material! Not to get all political, but the production of it, censorship, the validity of sex work, well these issues and battles are very much alive today, unfortunately. I think this is, in part, why I collect such things myself. To honor the history of the battles that continue today.

As a collector myself, I often spend time wondering why I collect what I do… I’ve decided that as much as I am simply (though expensively!) surrounding myself with items, I do more than simply collect and preserve them. I am also trying, with each collection, to answer a question for myself… Though for the life of me, I am not always able to articulate the question itself! I am assuming here that your collection of images means more to you than just a means to arouse yourself ;) Or even to profit off of. What do you think your collection of ye olde erotica means to you?

Robert: You put it perfectly there. I think almost any collector of almost anything is searching for that question. It’s one thing to want to surround ourselves with things that give us pleasure – sounds pretty simple, right? – but then it becomes as much about the act of discovery and how the collection itself takes on a life of its own. In an indirect way it’s an act of creation.

Absolutely! (For more on this: Collectors Are Like Artists; Collections Like Works Of Art & Curator of Your Own Museum.)

Robert: Far as specifically my collection… I love the aesthetics of course, a lot of these eras (Victorian, Roaring Twenties, mid-century, etc) have such distinct and hugely influential looks and atmospheres. And as I said the escapism is a big draw. It all just fires the imagination.

And there’s the whole “moment trapped in amber” thing, which hearkens back to our talk about stories and romance. So many antique erotic images are stylized and posed (especially in early photography where the exposure times were long), but amidst all that you get these little hints of individuality in a smile or the glint of an eye or even just an attitude of posture – reminds us that these were indeed living breathing people who lived, loved, fucked, ate breakfast every morning, walked to the market, raised kids, whatever. Not to get too cosmic about it, but it can feel like a privilege to glimpse into their lives so many decades later.

Kimberlee: This tradition has lived on. Look at the prominence of “amateur” porn today. It’s fun to watch ordinary people fucking. These simple productions without the glitzy artistry of professional productions offer another angle for creativity. One of my very favorite amateur clips ever was just called “German Couple.” Sounds pretty basic. But they had this super risqué scene at a public shop where she tried on lingerie and did a BJ and hardcore fuck scene in the dressing room. It was real and it was thrilling to share the experience with them.

Robert: And finally, for me there’s the satisfaction of preservation. Because of the subject matter, so much antique erotica has been forgotten somewhere and ultimately destroyed. Aside from any aesthetic or entertainment value, these are legit primary historical documents that touch on a universal aspect of life that has often been ignored by mainstream history.

A number of times I’ve heard from a seller “I inherited this stuff, if you don’t buy it everything’s just going in the dumpster” – then after purchase I discover previously unknown/unique films or rare limited edition prints. It might be the only genre of historical artifacts where the default reaction is to send them to certain doom, because sex.

it's not the end, it's a starting place!Oh, I could go on and on about that — all of this, really! And, in fact, many of us will!

Come back to this post as it will be updated with links to additional thoughts from more Peck & Call Girls. And follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #PecknCallDoVErotica too!

And don’t forget to check out Delta of Venus; as I’ve said, the site is great & he’s a true gent!


Klaudia has more to say regarding her definitions (and uses!) of erotica and porn.

Sara has her own Eureka moment regarding erotica and pornography.

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Varying Our Phone Sex Pitch

In case you missed it on our Twitter

Yes, men can tell when women are ovulating; even on the telephone. This study proves it.

Now the challenge is, have you noticed this with your Peck and Call Girl?

PS We know, for privacy reasons, many of you aren’t interested in following us on Twitter. Managing multiple accounts can be a pain, right? Too much of a risk of making a mistake. We understand. But you can still follow us the old fashioned way by bookmarking our Twitter page!

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Is “Sissy” The Right Word For Your Feminization Fantasies?

sissy slut tagWe Peck & Call Girls deal with a lot of fantasies. Among the most popular are those dealing with feminization. There varying degrees and intensities involved in feminization… Some men just want a girl to be girlie with from time to time… Have a partner to enjoy their lingerie fetish, maybe enjoy some crossdressing. Others need a little push — perhaps an intoxication game will loosen you up to give frills and thrills a try. Still others want a strong hand to force them into their femininity (and a few positions!). Some are simply eager (sissies, I am talking to you!) But then there are those who may be questioning… Curious… Either about their orientation or their gender.

You don’t have to consider yourself transgender to have such sexual fantasies. But while some sissified gentlemen know precisely how they became a sissy, others may identify with another less clear route… Perhaps autogynephilia is a more accurate description for you?

Whatever the case, whether you want to role play some occasional feminine fun, get down with your serious sissy slut kink, or want to ponder the possibilities of who you are and how you got there (yes, we offer phone sex therapy too), we phone sex girls are here for you!

Image: Sissy Slut Slave Tag/Charm on Etsy.

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Go Ahead, Respectfully Introduce Yourself!

Every now and then, we receive messages from potential new clients who are a bit nervous, perhaps even intimidated, when it comes to approaching us…

We think it’s rather simple: Send a little tribute and introduce yourself! But some gents remain a bit worried they will somehow offend. Perhaps this is because they are unfamiliar with communicating with a sex worker…

While there are some differences between phone sex and other virtual sex services, our work is very much a part of the sex work industry. This is likely why many of our tips for clients are similar to these tips regarding how to treat an escort.

Aside from the fundamental financials, there are three key points to remember:

Communicate your needs, wishes, fantasies: We cannot stress enough just how important such communication is! This is why we always advise that you contact your fantasy girl prior to your session to discuss your specific fantasies. This is not just for new clients; all clients benefit from alerting your digital escort to any moods you may be in, new ideas you have, etc. Such messages needn’t ruin the experience. On the contrary, they help your Peck & Call Girl to be a better partner for you! Such conversation may also heighten the anticipation of your time together too.

Make yourself comfortable:  The escort site, naturally, focuses on hygiene. While good hygiene isn’t as necessary for phone sex, it certainly is always recommended — and that would make things more comfortable for you! Our guide section details additional tips for physical comfort — which so aids in relaxation. And even if this is “just” for introducing yourself, being relaxed matters. Don’t rush; hopefully this is the first step in a luxurious experience!

Express mutual respect: One thing mentioned at the Sydney escorts site is something we, thankfully, rarely have to remind our gentlemen callers of — but is worthy of mentioning:

Don’t treat them as whores, who are just doing what they are doing for money. A client pays for the services of an escort but he does not own her. One has to learn to respect in order to have a quality time with any Model escort Sydney, without it your experience will be a negative one.

Honestly, this is simply a matter of respect. As much a matter of respect for you and your fantasies as it is of us! For how can you fully respect yourself, your desires, if you disrespect the professionals who employ their savvy skills to satiate them?

Here’s a recap of the basics: Get comfortable, and take a few moments to send the girl you are aroused by, or interested in spending some intimate time with, a simple “Hello!” message (preferably with a little tip or tribute!). Mention what caught your eye, or fancy, and what makes you think you’d be a good match. You can be a bit flirty; but always be respectful. And be sure to sign your note with the name you wish to be addressed by (user IDs can be so impersonal — and this is very personal business!)

Now, go ahead — don’t be shy! Introduce yourself!

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