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Real Men Have Real Needs

They say that behind every successful man there is a great woman. While the saying dates back to the 1940s, modern men’s magazines continue to push the connections between a man’s success and his partnerships. With feminism, this notion was

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What’s Real, Who’s Fake, What’s Private? Truths About Virtual Sex Affairs

A friend, Darla, suggested we talk a bit about the whole Ashley Madison fiasco. Her most specific question was this tweet: @TrailerTrashGrl Why don’t men stick to real women PSOs like @PecknCallGirls rather than stuff like Ashley Madison with fake

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“It Is The Brain’s Preferred State Of Being”

In 2012, the Harvard Business Review released one of their Daily Stats, stating that “regular participation in clubs and other social activities increases happiness to same degree as doubling one’s income.” The statement came from Robert D. Putnam, author of¬†Bowling

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What’s Sexiest?

There was a time when men thought it was sexy to have a housewife waiting for him to come home from work in her slippers, but in modern society, I think an independent woman is even more sexy. — Katerina

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The Most Interesting Man In The World

In response to Rob’s fun little review / parody… The most interesting man in the world is the one we are talking to.

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Of Hobbies, Intimacy, And Phone Sex

The subject of intimacy substitution or replacement often comes up in what we do; after all, if we profess to offer companionship, intimate encounters not merely “wank material,” aren’t we some sort of substitute for the intimacy of marriage or

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