The Girls

Each and every Peck & Call Girl is intelligent, sensual, open minded, educated, well-read, charming, sophisticated and professional — yet each individual girl offers her own particular erotic specialties too. If you are unsure which Peck & Call Girl is best suited to your needs, please complete the screening form and your best match will be found!

A list of the Peck & Call Girls

(Please note that you are absolutely welcome to contact a girl on your own! However, please do send a Tribute with your introduction; it’s similar to buying a lady a drink when you introduce yourself. *soft smile*)

* A Slip Of A Girl: Yes, that fabulous, famous, lingerie blogger is ready to tease and please her fellow lingerie fetishists, crossdressers, & sissies with a frilly good time! You can find more ways to pamper her at her Fickle Knickers blog. For a “slippity-do-da time!” you can — and should — follow her on Twitter @SlipOfAGirl. Note: Only working with established clients & those who go through screening process.

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* Dulcinea: As a former nun, the transcendent, ethereal, and otherworldly Dulcinea was notoriously whispered about at the monastery for what people suspected she did behind closed doors at night… “I am sought after by world-renowned artists and intellectuals for my sophistication, grace, elegance, and wit. My penetrating wisdom and formidable insight illuminates the darkest corners of the male psyche. I facilitate extraordinary personal growth within my disciples by killing the delusional male ego built on ignorance and deceit, using empathy and compassion.” You’ll find her on Twitter @CloisterFuck.

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* FK Muse: Muse is that girl who knows you better than you know yourself — just give her five minutes, and she’ll be inside that head of yours. She loves erotic hypnosis and long talks about everything. This mesmerizing muse can be found on Twitter @FKMuse.

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* Kimberlee Cline: Kimberlee’s intelligence is rivaled only by her racy imagination. She draws from her experience as an international escort to illustrate with words your most lurid fantasies. Ms. Cline is also a certified counselor. You can discover more about Kimberlee (and perhaps yourself!) by following her on Twitter @KimberleeCline.

Is Kimberlee available to talk now? Call Come With Kimberlee for phone sex on

* Klaudia, the shy yet lusty librarian: “I work with books by day, books by evening; I fantasize by night. I have shoe shopping nooners.” Don’t let Klaudia’s own professed shoe fetish make you think her expertise is limited to footwear only — she’s quite the switchy mistress of kink! Those who love literature, erotic role play involving twisted themes on sacred places, &/or have fantasies about the girl next door will enjoy Klaudia’s company. She can be found on Twitter @ThePumpnGrind.

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* Pinkie, aka Color Me Pinkie, is a lifestyle submissive. She’s ready and willing to serve you sweetly — or take your abuse, if that’s your choice. Pinkie’s knowledge of D/s also makes her a helpful confident to explore or discuss BDSM issues. You can find out more at her phone sex submission blog. The twat occasionally tweets @ColorMePinkie. Note: Currently only working with established clients. May accept a few who pass screening.

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* Secondhand Rose is a former escort who now uses word play as foreplay in her new work as an erotica writer, phone companion, and virtual conversationalist. Don’t worry, it will feel completely real because Rose’s previous in-the-flesh sex work skills are now applied as emotional and erotic friction, aimed at addressing the loneliness which underlies what some would call just plain old lust. This courtesan seductively torments via text & telephone in her Ruined Boudoir. You are invited to follow her on Twitter @RuinedBoudoir.

Is there room in Rose’s Ruined Boudoir? Call Secondhand Rose for phone sex on

* Trailer Trash Angel wants you to know that she is not your Angel. She may be authentic trailer trash, but this bewitching brat has been using her good looks and gypsy lineage to dominate, mesmerize, mock, and use men since she’s been of legal age. As The Celebutaunt, she specializes in taking humiliating tease and torment to new lows. This Queen Of Mean FemDom and FinDom can be found on Twitter casting her spell on piggies like you as @TrailerTrashGirl.

Dare to approach her now? Call Not Your Angel for phone sex on

Whether your Peck and Call Girl is naughty and flirtatious, direct and dirty, or down-right trashy, you can rest assured she is professional, discreet — and will charm the pants off you!

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