Historical Themed Fiction by R V Raiment

An excerpt from an historical work, Chasse au Lapins (Rabbit Hunt), set at the time of the French Revolution, by R V Raiment:

Madeleine, auburn-haired, already stands naked save for her hat. Cool air caresses her skin, raises goose-bumps, a thrill of eagerness aches in her loins. Precious small swellings, tinglings and murmurs of moistness flutter in her breeze-kissed valley between her warm pink thighs.

A shout: “Allons!” and laughing, giggling, twenty naked ‘bunnies’ race the central path and enter the vast enclosed garden. The maze its entrance, the garden comprises gently undulating greens criss-crossed with miniature dells and valleys and dotted with hollows, close-planted coppices, shrubberies and rocky outcrops.

Children might delight in the thousand hiding places and the myriad avenues of escape from each, but children do not play here. There are too many things here which maman et papa might not wish to explain – the statues, in particular. Of men and women, singly or in small groups, and carved with poignant intimacy of detail, these have few echoes in antiquity. Here a naked maiden bends, undressing, every nuance of her alabaster buttock-cleft and vulva etched in the engraving, a patina on each from much caressing. Here reposes soixante-neuf in stone, here stands naked Mercury, cock in a goddess’s mouth, and, in an arbour, a miniature temple to Bacchanalian gods.

Find out more about the author and why he writes historical erotica in this interview.

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