The Easter Bunny Brings Baskets Of Blasphemy!

Every year around this time we notice a surge in a specific form of taboo fantasy play — and this year is no different. It might even be a bit more popular this year… It’s difficult to say because we don’t plot points on charts. *wink*

In any case, the taboos of which we are speaking (and typing!) are based on religion.

Subjection of (or by) nuns, sexual crucifixions, forced feeding of forbidden foods, profane displays on alters, rosaries replacing anal beads, conversion by conquest, ritualistic pagan worship, chastity for lent, supervised masturbation resulting in defiling religious artifacts, enslaved servitude to those in other religions, confessions — and penances-O-plenty for all!

All sorts of blasphemy towards holy personages, religious objects, stories, icons, customs, and beliefs. Seemingly prompted by this time of year — which, while religious for many, is less dominated by the plethora of holiday celebrations found at the end of the calender year, leaving many with time on their hands to seek our services.

Erotic fantasy play based on religious themes is a little understood, little acknowledged, form of arousal. Especially, it seems, when it comes to phone sex.  But we Peck & Call Girls understand transgressive sexual fantasies quite well… And we’re quite popular for our understanding and manipulation of it.

Like many sexual taboos, those built upon religious themes explore and twist, play and prey, upon those things we find most sacred.

Yes, we said “sacred,” as in sacred ass play, sacred small cocks, sacred spankings, and so on. Maybe you’d be more comfortable discussing this in more familiar terms, such as fear and guilt. But we don’t see such sexual fantasy in purely negative terms; there’s light to balance out the dark, good with the bad, redemption with the irreverence. In the words of poet Eli Clare, in Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation, that these taboo fantasies “mark the jagged edge between self-hatred and pride.”

That’s all erotic religious fantasy really is; just another way to work it all out.

Fantasies, even those shared with another, are just thoughts, not deeds. Thoughts are not actions — they aren’t even representative of a change in or lessening of belief. It’s just another way to mentally, emotionally, spiritually wrestle with the jagged edges, the bigger issues. And the relief such wrestling brings is bliss…

Not just to explore and return more devoted to whatever it is you believe in, but to release the sexual tension that comes, literally, from such wrestling play is, well, heavenly. Your chalice runneth over! *wink*

If you desire some desecration with your dirty discourse — or just want to explore the concept of erotic religious taboo play more, give us a call.

PS The full quote from Eli Clare is presented below. We believe the liberties we’ve taken in expanding it here is fair, but we also believe in being accurate and do not wish to put words or concepts in the mouths of others.

I think of the words crip, queer, freak, redneck. None of these are easy words. They mark the jagged edge between self-hatred and pride, the chasm between how the dominant culture views marginalized peoples and how we view ourselves, the razor between finding home, finding our bodies, and living in exile, living on the metaphoric mountain.

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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