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Custom Erotica

Yes, Secondhand Rose does create custom erotica! Currently, her rates for personalized stories are: Stories under 2,000 words: $39 Stories under 4,000 words: $79 Stories under 6,000 words: $119 However, August 1, 2011, her rates will increase as follows: Stories

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Announcing A New Peck & Call Girl!

We are pleased to announce that the fabulous, famous, lingerie blogger A Slip Of A Girl is bringing her special blend of teasing, pleasing, frilly thrills to Peck & Call Girls! Lingerie lovers and fetishists — especially those who love

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Fear & Sex

In his book, Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head: The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies, Kahr notes that Freudian therapists believe that sexual fantasies develop “as both a means of gratifying wishes and of conquering intrusive memories of early traumatic

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Men Love The Romance Of Love Letters Too

This testimoanial is from “V,” a client of Rose‘s, who adores her love letters: I love it when I am surprised by a “sweet nothing” in my inbox. Unlike other personal messages which might interrupt my day with “When are

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The Easter Bunny Brings Baskets Of Blasphemy!

Every year around this time we notice a surge in a specific form of taboo fantasy play — and this year is no different. It might even be a bit more popular this year… It’s difficult to say because we

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Phone Sex, Curing Male Lonelieness

Much of our society focuses on the sexist dichotomy that “women need emotional connections but men just want sex,” ignoring that men need emotional intimacy too. Men, like women, can suffer from two forms of loneliness: * Social Loneliness, a

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