Fingernail Fetish?

A confession from Secondhand Rose:

I’m often teased, “OMG, how do you type with those nails?!”

My answer usually is, “I do just that; I type with my fingernails, not my fingertips!” But the honest truth is that I probably won’t pass any typing tests — neither timed, nor for accuracy. *wink*

Long fingernails are sometimes a pain in this modern world of keyboards and keypads — don’t get me started on those little buttons on cell phones! (Even short nails are a problem with all these tech toys!)

But I’ll happily trade some speed and accuracy when tying, and purchase a pretty stylus to “dial” my phone, rather than trim my natural long nails.

To me, long fingernails are not only symbols of my femininity, but one of the natural perks of being a girl.

Long nails, especially smartly polished ones, are sexy; manicures are a treat; and I’ll admit I thoroughly enjoy the way they can be employed on a partner. … Is that a thrilling erotic shiver down your spine — or my fingernails? Both? *wicked grin*

Long painted fingernails are also a statement of prestige: lily-white hands with nails allowed to grow, pretty signs that I do not have to perform manual labor.

They are at once both a luxury and evidence that I myself am a luxury item.

Photo via Nailpro Magazine.

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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