Sensitive, Accepting Phone Companionship

The Peck & Call Girls are not only hot, sensual, aural courtesans, appreciated by phone sex connoisseurs, we are intuitive companions and understanding confidants — we are, as sexologist Carol Queen says, sex positive:

Sex-positivity allows for and in fact celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires and relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent.

As sex positive women we “consent and embrace open sexuality with few limits — unique sexual profiles, even as we acknowledge that some of us have been damaged by a culture that tries to eradicate sexual difference and possibility.”

You can count on us to understand your kink, accept and consent to your taboos — and create terrific fabulous fantasies upon them too.

Carol Queen quotes from The Necessary Revolution: Sex-Positive Feminism in the Post-Barnard Era. The Communication Review 11(3):274–291.

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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