Anxious About That Big Meeting? We’ll Help You Sleep!

The anxiety over a presentation, meeting, merger or any big event can be stressful enough to disrupt your sleep. There you are, the night before your big meeting, and you lay tossing and turning with insomnia, knowing that this is going to make you less than at your best when you really need to be — but that knowledge only makes things worse!

What can you do?

Converse with a Peck and Call Girl, of course!

You probably know that orgasm results in increased levels of the hormones, including oxytocin, a hormone that evokes feelings of contentment and calmness. And you are probably well aware of the fact that endorphins are also released during orgasm, and that endorphins, having a similar chemical structure to morphine, provide pain relief as well as are believed to be involved in assisting the body’s response to stress. So we likely don’t need to convince you that a good orgasm before bed will help you sleep better.

But when your mind is racing with facts, how do you get yourself to pay attention to figures?

You might very well be ready to take matters into your own hands and masturbate, but the mood eludes you… Your mind keeps going back to practical matters, ruining your own fantasies!

Allow us to get you in the mood, to distract you and direct you back to the matters immediately at hand — in your hand! Our conversation and guided masturbation is just the way to achieve the orgasm you need to make everything melt away…

Be it phone sex, cybering or intimate messaging, the Peck and Call Girls can help settle your nerves and settle you in for the sound good night’s sleep you need. With a satisfied smile on your face, no less!

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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