Is Loneliness To Blame For The Loss Of Your Erection?

Loneliness leads to health problems: higher rises in morning levels of the stress hormone cortisol, altered gene expression in immune cells, poorer immune function, higher blood pressure and an increased level of depression. Loneliness also is related to difficulty getting a deep sleep as well as a faster progression of diseases, including Alzheimer’s. Those things alone can affect a man’s ability to become aroused. But there’s more.

John Cacioppo, lead author of Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, says, “Loneliness not only alters behavior, but loneliness is related to greater resistance to blood flow through your cardiovascular system.”  Obviously, poor blood flow is going to affect a man’s romantic flow.

But, in case you think our delight in making men erect via phone sex, fantasy chat, and our other services has us biased past reason, you needn’t just take our word for it. *wink*

According to Dr. Rufus Green Jr., M.D. FACS, a Urologist with the RHD Memorial Medical Center, the St. Paul Medical Center, and the Centennial Medical Center, the majority of impotence cases not only have a physical cause but it’s likely a vascular or blood flow impairment in which changes to the flow of blood into the penis (called cavernosal arterial insufficiency) or impedance of blood flow out of the penis (called corporal veno-occlusion) result in impotence.

So, if loneliness negatively affects blood flow, it’s very likely to blame for your erectile dysfunction. And that creates a cycle of unhappiness, impotence, stress, embarrassment, and, therefore, additional loneliness. Such loneliness and isolation is often compounded when your sexual fantasies aren’t understood or accepted — or at least your loneliness and fear make you feel that way…

Once again, we suggest our understanding and arousing companionship, via the phone, messages, texts and chat.  We’re here, at your beck and call, ready to listen, entertain, connect with you… There’s no pressure and no need to feel alone.

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  1. Golden says:

    Not quite there yet but do you think Medicare would cover the cost of this loneliness treatment? Could affect one’s choice of plans. Also appears like it could extend one’s life while making America great again by keeping jobs here. Win-win all around actually…

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