Sexual Companions Are Good For Your Health!

Here at Peck & Call Girls, your health matters to us. This is why we spend a lot of our (rather limited) free time exploring, among other things, health issues. We know that companionship is one vital part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s just one more reason why we are proud of what we do, the virtual courtesan services we provide. But did you know that one of the other necessary components for good health is sex? Yes, sex can actually improve your health.

As with companionship, it’s not merely the pleasure factor of a satisfying sexual encounter which provides us with the feeling that we are experiencing a higher quality of life — good sex is honestly good for our health! Kate Rose recently compiled research from WebMD which lead her to the conclusion that adults ought to have sex every day. (Sorry, asexuals; we do respect your feelings and lifestyle, but this is science!)

I Don't Always Do Cardio But When I Do It's Called SexWe aren’t trained physicians — even if we are pretty good at playing doctor *wink* But, even without medical training, we absolutely do know how good sex is for you. And, yes, dear, that includes masturbation. Because masturbation is sex too. While masturbating, naturally, varies from relationship sex and even the professional services of escorts, we’ve checked over Kate’s list regarding the health benefits of sex and see very little on it that cannot be achieved by masturbating. Especially if it’s done with a companion.

Even if Kate, a self-professed yogi, has featured yoga positions and breath control in her article, those things can all be incorporated in solo sex sessions. Even more so when you have a pretty companion to guide you… *naughty eyebrow wiggle*

Other doctors agree that sex helps with everything from boosting immune function and reducing chronic pain, to weight loss and better mental health. And other doctors agree with us about these benefits being achieved via masturbation. Dr. Lisa, of TV’s The Doctors, says, “We talk so much about the health benefits of sex on the show … but the good news is, you can get those benefits just from yourself, without a partner. Push your own buttons!”

To paraphrase the tagline in those health care commercials you’ve probably heard: If you don’t get our help here, get help somewhere!

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