A Few Words About The Power Of Sexual Taboos…

Aside from experimenting with physical manipulations (toys and the like) there are two ways to intensify sexual gratification: Intimacy, with a partner, & Fantasies, with a partner or via masturbation.

And, when it comes to sexual fantasies, nearly half of them are based on, or otherwise involve, taboos.

This includes use of taboo words, such as “fuck,” “cock,” and “pussy,” which are labeled by society as forbidden words not to be used. Even their sanitized, medical, and culturally-cute versions (such as “making love,” “penis,” and “va-jay-jay”) are severely limited in their use by situation, place, and companions. But research in psychology, physiology, and neurology corroborates that swear words are processed differently from ordinary language and are subject to more acute recognition and recall.* Which is why, as any phone sex operator or sex worker can tell you, dirty talk is a big turn on. Even decent sex therapists and relationship gurus will discuss talking dirty as a means to increase sexual satisfaction and turn your partner on.

Obviously we believe in the power of dirty talk. *wink*

But really, there’s a lot of power in playing with sexual taboos.

Taboos press all sorts of buttons. There are the emotional “danger” responses of fear, guilt, shame… There’s the intellect trying to rationalize… As the desires of our “instinctual” id seeks to overpower the “culture conscience” of the super-ego, our “regulating” ego seeks to enable us to delay or even resist gratifying those desires and needs, forfeiting them and their physical and/or sociocultural risks, for the sake of functioning most effectively to be a success.

All this processing, therefore, lights up all sorts of areas in our brains — the mightiest sex organ of all.

Cultural taboos need not be very extreme either. Societal notions of romanticized love bring into sharp focus the supposedly-traditional gender roles.

Men are not supposed to feel (let alone display or communicate) the vulnerable emotions of sadness, hurt, fear, or dependence. Such emotions imply weakness. Even asking a question, as opposed to making a statement, request, or command, is viewed as an emasculating act. And a man who is too enthusiastic in display or discussion of his love and affection (of people or even things) is compared to the frivolous, frilly female.

Women too are locked into these romantic gender roles. While women are encouraged to be vulnerable, they are also expected to act like it. Women are not to state, request, or even directly ask for what they want or need; that’s too strong, too masculine. And should the consequence of unvoiced and therefore unmet needs or wants result in feelings of anger or any form of negativity, they are to dispense of them forthwith. Such intense actions and reactions are for men only.

While most of us know that the notion of forbidding emotions is ridiculous (they exist after all!) and are terrible for our health, our culture continues to eschew the reality of both the vulnerable, emotionally dependent male and the strong, directive-giving female. No wonder the “role reversal” of the sexually dominating female controlling the submissive male is so damn popular — it’s taboo! And those of us who’ve been raised to buck those gender norms, may find our fantasies about the classic romantic roles are just as forbidden!

Each of us has grown up under a set of cultural expectations, beginning with our families, religion, gender, class, etc.. While some of these things, such as economic status, may change as we age, we are still motivated by society at large to do the right thing — and avoid all those taboos. But still…

Taboos and the forbidden provide all the cognitive, emotional, motivational, and physiological aspects of sexual arousal. We desperately want to abandon ourselves to our primitive sides and tell society to, “Fuck off.” But following our turn-on bliss can have serious consequences. Fortunately, however, we can have our sexual fantasies without the reckless risks.

Even the most unrestrained, taboo sex fantasies can be indulged in with impunity via erotica, phone sex, and other virtual sex services. Most, if not all of them, right here with The Peck & Call Girls! Actively fantasizing about such forbidden delights, including (especially?!) via masturbation with such skilled modern courtesans, increases the memories of such fun too — “acute recognition and recall,” remember? Even if you just want to discuss the taboo, not actually role play or create scenes or stories, the words matter. Science says so.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your favorite Peck & Call Girl and ask her if she shares your sexual taboo fantasies. (Don’t have a favorite Peck & Call Girl yet? No problem, get screened!) If she doesn’t share your forbidden fantasy, she likely can refer you to someone who does. One way or another, we work to satisfy your sexual desires.

This little educational post was inspired by this Tumblr post in which a woman confesses to masturbating to taboo thoughts…

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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