Is “Sissy” The Right Word For Your Feminization Fantasies?

sissy slut tagWe Peck & Call Girls deal with a lot of fantasies. Among the most popular are those dealing with feminization. There varying degrees and intensities involved in feminization… Some men just want a girl to be girlie with from time to time… Have a partner to enjoy their lingerie fetish, maybe enjoy some crossdressing. Others need a little push — perhaps an intoxication game will loosen you up to give frills and thrills a try. Still others want a strong hand to force them into their femininity (and a few positions!). Some are simply eager (sissies, I am talking to you!) But then there are those who may be questioning… Curious… Either about their orientation or their gender.

You don’t have to consider yourself transgender to have such sexual fantasies. But while some sissified gentlemen know precisely how they became a sissy, others may identify with another less clear route… Perhaps autogynephilia is a more accurate description for you?

Whatever the case, whether you want to role play some occasional feminine fun, get down with your serious sissy slut kink, or want to ponder the possibilities of who you are and how you got there (yes, we offer phone sex therapy too), we phone sex girls are here for you!

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Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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2 comments on “Is “Sissy” The Right Word For Your Feminization Fantasies?
  1. Alice Wonder says:

    Alice Wonder from Twitter – elaborating a bit ;)

    First of all I am not transgender, I identify as male and like being male, but there are parts of being male I do not like – specifically the competitive drive many men have to the point of causing harm to their competition even though they already have enough. Pretty Woman is a favorite movie of mine because it showed a highly competitive man learning from a woman that sometimes it is better to be constructive even when it is more profitable not to be. He ended up building ships saving jobs rather than taking the more profitable route of dismantling the company.

    I call myself Alice Wonder because when I first started exploring my femdom fantasies, I felt like Alice having fallen down the rabbit hole discovering a fantastic world where the rules of my former world just did not apply.

    For me, some of my feminization fantasies are about power play. If she has the power to feminize me despite me identifying as man, it is a big turn-on.

    Sometimes however I really like to feel pretty, to feel like a trophy for her amusement – not a man candy trophy, but a maid trophy all dolled up.

    But I think it is different than sissy play. First of all it is never to me a secondary position to so-called “bulls” or “Alpha Males” – I actually generally don’t have a high opinion of them, they are often responsible for the continuation of patriarchy which I disdain. I have no desire to be portrayed and secondary to other men, and while I would serve them to serve my Mistress, my desire is to serve my Mistress and they are just objects that happen to be there.

    I like to feel like I’m pretty for her, like I am of service to her, but I am still male and identifying as male when she has me feminized. I may be wearing an outfit and lipstick and may even suck a cock for her viewing pleasure as if it was something I’m eager for, but I am still a hetero sexual male, I’m not transformed into something else.

    The sissies I know who do identify as sissies, for them the kink seems to be different. They aren’t just embracing their feminine side but they are identifying with it. That’s a different take on it, to me.

    I do love being feminized, I really do, especially in role plays where I am choiceless (I love the power exchange) but I’m still a man under the skirt and identify as fully male. I don’t have a man pussy or a sissy clit.

    I hope that adds some clarity.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

    You should also know that there are a number of men who feel the same way. …Others feel a bit differently; more are vastly different, feminized or not. But it’s all good here ;)

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