Go Ahead, Respectfully Introduce Yourself!

Every now and then, we receive messages from potential new clients who are a bit nervous, perhaps even intimidated, when it comes to approaching us…

We think it’s rather simple: Send a little tribute and introduce yourself! But some gents remain a bit worried they will somehow offend. Perhaps this is because they are unfamiliar with communicating with a sex worker…

While there are some differences between phone sex and other virtual sex services, our work is very much a part of the sex work industry. This is likely why many of our tips for clients are similar to these tips regarding how to treat an escort.

Aside from the fundamental financials, there are three key points to remember:

Communicate your needs, wishes, fantasies: We cannot stress enough just how important such communication is! This is why we always advise that you contact your fantasy girl prior to your session to discuss your specific fantasies. This is not just for new clients; all clients benefit from alerting your digital escort to any moods you may be in, new ideas you have, etc. Such messages needn’t ruin the experience. On the contrary, they help your Peck & Call Girl to be a better partner for you! Such conversation may also heighten the anticipation of your time together too.

Make yourself comfortable:  The escort site, naturally, focuses on hygiene. While good hygiene isn’t as necessary for phone sex, it certainly is always recommended — and that would make things more comfortable for you! Our guide section details additional tips for physical comfort — which so aids in relaxation. And even if this is “just” for introducing yourself, being relaxed matters. Don’t rush; hopefully this is the first step in a luxurious experience!

Express mutual respect: One thing mentioned at the Sydney escorts site is something we, thankfully, rarely have to remind our gentlemen callers of — but is worthy of mentioning:

Don’t treat them as whores, who are just doing what they are doing for money. A client pays for the services of an escort but he does not own her. One has to learn to respect in order to have a quality time with any Model escort Sydney, without it your experience will be a negative one.

Honestly, this is simply a matter of respect. As much a matter of respect for you and your fantasies as it is of us! For how can you fully respect yourself, your desires, if you disrespect the professionals who employ their savvy skills to satiate them?

Here’s a recap of the basics: Get comfortable, and take a few moments to send the girl you are aroused by, or interested in spending some intimate time with, a simple “Hello!” message (preferably with a little tip or tribute!). Mention what caught your eye, or fancy, and what makes you think you’d be a good match. You can be a bit flirty; but always be respectful. And be sure to sign your note with the name you wish to be addressed by (user IDs can be so impersonal — and this is very personal business!)

Now, go ahead — don’t be shy! Introduce yourself!

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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