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Of Hobbies, Intimacy, And Phone Sex

The subject of intimacy substitution or replacement often comes up in what we do; after all, if we profess to offer companionship, intimate encounters not merely “wank material,” aren’t we some sort of substitute for the intimacy of marriage or

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Is Loneliness To Blame For The Loss Of Your Erection?

Loneliness leads to health problems: higher rises in morning levels of the stress hormone cortisol, altered gene expression in immune cells, poorer immune function, higher blood pressure and an increased level of depression. Loneliness also is related to difficulty getting

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Fear & Sex

In his book, Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head: The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies, Kahr notes that Freudian therapists believe that sexual fantasies develop “as both a means of gratifying wishes and of conquering intrusive memories of early traumatic

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The Easter Bunny Brings Baskets Of Blasphemy!

Every year around this time we notice a surge in a specific form of taboo fantasy play — and this year is no different. It might even be a bit more popular this year… It’s difficult to say because we

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Phone Sex, Curing Male Lonelieness

Much of our society focuses on the sexist dichotomy that “women need emotional connections but men just want sex,” ignoring that men need emotional intimacy too. Men, like women, can suffer from two forms of loneliness: * Social Loneliness, a

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Men, Phone Sex Is Good For Your Heart

According to The American Journal of Cardiology, men who indulge in regular lovemaking (at least twice a week) are up to 45% less likely to develop life-threatening heart conditions, prompting the suggestion that screening for sexual activity might be clinically

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