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A Few Words About The Power Of Sexual Taboos…

Aside from experimenting with physical manipulations (toys and the like) there are two ways to intensify sexual gratification: Intimacy, with a partner, & Fantasies, with a partner or via masturbation. And, when it comes to sexual fantasies, nearly half of

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Feel Free To Substitute “Detective Police Officer” With “Phone Sex Operator” *wink*

“You seem to have quite a taste for discussing these horrible subjects,” she said, rather scornfully; “you ought to have been a detective police officer.” “I sometimes think I should have been a good one.” “Why?” “Because I am patient.”

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What We Already Know

But perhaps it’s news to you? Health myth: Do men really hit their sexual peak at 18? Chances are you’ve heard that men hit their peak at 18. But is it really true that men are at the height of

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Of Hobbies, Intimacy, And Phone Sex

The subject of intimacy substitution or replacement often comes up in what we do; after all, if we profess to offer companionship, intimate encounters not merely “wank material,” aren’t we some sort of substitute for the intimacy of marriage or

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Is Loneliness To Blame For The Loss Of Your Erection?

Loneliness leads to health problems: higher rises in morning levels of the stress hormone cortisol, altered gene expression in immune cells, poorer immune function, higher blood pressure and an increased level of depression. Loneliness also is related to difficulty getting

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Custom Erotica

Yes, Secondhand Rose does create custom erotica! Currently, her rates for personalized stories are: Stories under 2,000 words: $39 Stories under 4,000 words: $79 Stories under 6,000 words: $119 However, August 1, 2011, her rates will increase as follows: Stories

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