Preventing Civil Society From Falling To Its Knees

We continue discussing the power of human social interaction… Another quote from Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect by Matthew D. Lieberman, this one touching on the topic of taboos:

Each of us has a variety of impulses – desires that if acted on at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and with the wrong people, could bring civil society to its knees.

This, again, is why phone sex is so vital! For not only does phone sex (and other virtual sex options, provided by actual humans — not algorithms or bots) provide the aforementioned social connection — but it provides a safe outlet for playing with taboos without bringing “society to its knees.” Phone sex & our other modern courtesan services provide the right time, place, and persons for such impulses & fantasies.

If we’ve all learned anything from recent news stories about Josh Duggar and Ashley Madison, it’s that repressed sexual fantasies and taboos relegated to the dark recesses of the mind only lead to bad places.

Virtual courtesans as discreet -- or flamboyant -- as you desire.

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  1. […] The question, really, is that does playing out such taboo fantasies help or hinder? We know that playing with taboos can provide great relief for the individual. And when fantasies are given a private outlet, they can be kept as fantasies without ruining our society ~ in fact, it can help preserve society. […]

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